ICT 2015

What were your 3 most interesting blogging sessions.  Why were they interesting to you?

I would have to say that my top 3 blogging sessions will have to be is Internet of Things, What is real and innovative thinking. The reason for this is because before I went into these blogging sessions I only knew a little or nothing about the topic for the blogging session but afterwards I learnt a lot and was surprised about what it was actually about and actually learnt a lot from it. But it was also because we got to have our say what we think it was and had our opinions in some of the questions heard as we got to chose what we wanted to write it about.

Especially in Internet of things I was shocked as I never knew that a 3D printer was an internet of things machine so I defiantly enjoyed that session as we got to design our own little design to be printed from it. An in Innovative thinking I enjoyed giving my view on tablets as I think there are good sides and bad sides to them compared to laptops.

In what is real I enjoyed how the tutor gave us examples of devices that are bridges between the real world and the virtual-world as I didn’t even know anything about these devices before I came into that blogging session.

Are there other topics you would like to see covered? WHAT & WHY?

No there aren’t any other topics I can think of that should be covered in this course because the ones i’m thinking of are basically in this course.


Interaction design

Here a link to the document where we decided what our item we were going to design and the storyboard to it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cyD8Qu9sFEX5fNnhgHa7vXZi54ajarTnfnc3kJryZlQ/edit?usp=docslist_api

When I first came into this blogging session about interaction design I only knew that it was about users interacting with common objects and the design actually doing things that help the user or does something that actually meet their needs but that only what I knew about this topic.

But from the actual session I learnt actually more about interaction design then I already knew. I learnt that interaction design is also about making sure that any design can be easy to use as some designs have problems confusing the user about what to actually do with the item like a remote we know that it connects to the tv and lets you change the channel and the volume of the TV too but some of us don’t know what the other functions do as they aren’t easily recognised without the actual name of the function underneath without that we don’t know what we are doing but we know we have to press it for it to actually work.

I also learnt more about user experience which I knew how the user experience was about how the user has an experience with a product but I didn’t knew it was about the actual product as well and how the design actually behaves towards the user which from what I learnt it’s about how the user looks at it as well not just their interaction with the product.

I also learnt that the whole process of designing is always about the interaction design but its also about helping the designer also as they are always getting help from the users.


When I first came into the class I didn’t know what internationalization was in IT but after the lecture with Matthias I learnt a bit more about it and what it was involving with IT as it always has been in front of me the whole time as its always been in front of me when installing the OS but I’m still a bit confused about it when it comes to websites as it was not really explained enough for me to actually understand.

Which types of businesses would benefit the most from internationalisation?

I think businesses that make or produce video games like Activision and EA games they would make a lot of money off those games as they are sold worldwide meaning that they need to meet every locale language when they code it for the controls because every country with a different locale language will have a different keyboard layout and symbols so they need to make sure that tell the user what control keys to use when they are playing their game. This would also apply to Sony, Microsoft and computer companies as again they need to take in the fact that each country has a different locale language and keyboard layout meaning they have to meet specific requirements when coming to make their consoles.

Which (kind of) countries would most benefit from internationalisation?

I think countries with big known international businesses like the US, Europe, Russia , Japan and China as that’s where the main businesses of international businesses are based meaning that they have more people to help make products and actually have the money to do that. For example Microsoft main building is based in Redmond, Washington in the United States and they are worldwide company. Then you have Sony which their main building is based in Tokyo, Japan.

The internets own boy

What did he do that he got into trouble?

He got a new registered laptop on the MIT network and started to download articles off the JSTOR sever even though during him downloading the articles his IP address got blocked so he then connected the laptop physically to the laptop. But then got caught but didn’t get arrested till he got caught on camera.

What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime?”

He went to see Professor Lawrence who was challenging the copyright law against the Supreme Court.

He wanted people to have access to anything on the web by creating creative commons.

He believed that there was a way around the copyright law.

Getting into pacer and downloading court documents.

He believed that information should be free to access.

Q3:  What does each motive imply from a MOREL and LEGAL point of view?
Each of these motives have the same for the moral and legal point of view. For moral point of view Aaron was that he was concerned about how people couldn’t access all the information they could without paying for it or downloading it illegally with the risk of getting caught about it. He also had a moral point of view about analyzing these documents and showing the flaws of their system if he took it without asking.

For his legal point of view he wasn’t really worried about getting caught by the cops or feds if he did he would just fight or people would fight for him so he thought that copyright wasn’t legally fair so then he created creative commons so people could access information and use it without worrying about the copyright law.

Q4:  Why we’re understanding his motives so important?

Because they couldn’t prosecute without a motive without there was no chance he would be prosecuted. An they want to know why he was doing so they knew if he did anything in the future wrong again they will know a reason why he did it.

Q4.1: How many charges did this end up giving him?

13 charges which the first 4 were unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer, reckless damage, aiding and abetting and criminal forfeiture. He was also facing up to 35 years in prison, three years supervision, forfeiture and fine of up to $1 million dollars US before they added the other 9 charges.

Q5: What was wrong with the sopa bill?

It meant that the US could spy on computers outside of the US whenever they wanted and could prosecute you for copyright for one little wrong thing on the internet they can get their website taken down without trial.

Q6: Why did it look like the bill would be impossible to stop from passing?

It already had about half of the legislation votes and all the businesses were for it. An they were not letting anyone have their voice heard about this bill which meant it was hard to know where they were having meetings about the bill.

Q7:  What were some of the significant factors that helped raise awareness for dismissing the sopa bill?

It took away people’s right to their own privacy meaning they couldn’t do anything without worrying about the US government going to tell them off. Congress started to flip to against the SOPA bill and meaning it mainly wouldn’t be put in place and websites were stating to also be against SOPA also and making their websites go black.

Q7.1 What’s the important message about this victory to those of us in the “new world”

That governments can’t take people’s rights away even freedom of speech as everything they do to stop people their actions well come back and bit them in the back as everything that comes around comes back around to you.

Q8:  “Bringing public access to the public domain”  “books are our cultural legacy”.  What are these statements have to do with his passion … (37:25)

Aaron was passionate about giving access to the JSTOR database for free meaning that anyone could access the articles at anytime and anywhere even out of the United States so people could learn about the US history.

Q9:  What does q8 have to do with Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka was inspired and passionate about Aaron and his cause because of this he had found a early way of knowing if you have pancreatic cancer meaning you can get treatment early to remove the cancer. So if it wasn’t for Aaron Jack wouldn’t of been inspired to find this was of early sign of pancreatic cancer.

Q10:  Whats the most important question on this list. Why?

Probably I would say that it would be question 9 as if it wasn’t for Aaron standing up and making a point to stick to what you believe in and to not let you voice be silenced Jack wouldn’t of not been inspired by Aaron meaning it would of taken longer for people to find an early way of seeing if you have pancreatic cancer or not.


Do you think that copying is always theft or not – explain your reasons?

Well to me it kind of depends as sometimes copying to me is theft and sometimes its not. When it is theft to me it is when someone made a copy of let say a movie and once they have downloaded and start making people pay for copies of that movie I believe that is when it is theft as they are making a profit off someone else work. But when they don’t do this selling it then I believe this is when its not considered theft as the person might have an original copy of the movie but just want to make a backup copy of it so when it breaks they can still watch it via the backup or for YouTube videos I believe it is not theft when you download a video off there for offline use.

Who was Aaron Swartz and what part has he played in the copyright debate?

Aaron Swartz was the person who created creative commons and who helped to stop the SOPA bill from coming in and affecting peoples privacy on the internet. He had played a big role in the copyright debate as he thought that people should have the right to access anything at any time and that content shouldn’t be restricted to only a few selected people or to anyone who has to pay to read anything.

Again he played a big role by stopping the SOPA bill from coming in which allowed the government to block or take down access to the internet at anytime without taking the person to court this meant they could even do this to people outside the US as well which Aaron saw that it would break everyone privacy over the internet which he and group came up with plans to stop this act from coming in by protest and later other types of strategies which in the end worked and meaning the bill would not come in action.


What do you see are the biggest issues/problems with Digital Copyright today? I think that the biggest problems with digital copyright today is that everyone is taking advantage of it which is a big problem because as the businesses or people who make the digital products are getting less money they might decide to give up and shut their products or business down meaning less movies or other digital content meaning that there won’t be other parts to the movie or digital content or there will be less of it. Also I think another problem is that some of these copies of digital content sometimes have certain programs or viruses built into them meaning that its more likely people will run into these and meaning more reformatting and files getting stolen which means confidential or private information can be leaked on to the web.

What is/are your solution(s) to these?

I would suggest the businesses make digital content more available for a lower price or let them rent the digital content out for a certain amount of days or uses meaning they will still get money and meaning less illegal downloading of digital content or companies could do another similar thing which is making digital content available but the customer has to pay a low subscription fee in order to use or download the content.

What is your opinion of the current NZ and overseas legislation attempting to protect the owner of the work I think it kind of ridiculous if you ask me as if they come down really hard on it and limit our internet access people will probably get really angry as their privacy is being breached and might not care if they go to jail for it as they are going to continue to do it once they get out anyway so they might as well not do this unless we get a say in the matter and also give our opinions/suggestions on how you could stop us from downloading the digital content in the first place meaning that everyone will be happy with the outcome but if they don’t do this they will lose our respect as them as a government and will probably lead us taking matters into our own hands.

What are the problems that copyright legislation is attempting to solve?

The problem is with copyright legislation they are trying to solve ways to stop people downloading movies and music and other sources of entertainment because apparently the businesses are thinking that they are purposely trying to rip them off by not going to see it at the movies or buying the music legally but some people are to poor to go to the movies and to buy music as they got to big bills to pay meaning that they can’t spend money to buy these things so businesses and the governments are trying to find ways to stop people downloading there items illegally only because they want to make money from the things they make and are just being greedy doing so.

Who is the legislation protecting (really)?

I believe that this copyright legislation is only trying to protect big time businesses or the actual makers of stuff like software and games. This is because they are saying that its unfair how people are not buying there creations and are just downloading them so this legislation is actually forcing people to go out and buy the actual product or software so they can actually use it without worrying about them getting hit with a copyright suit.

What business approach might solve many of the problems?

To me I think businesses are looking this in the wrong way maybe a approach like I don’t know say if a big businesses says look we see you want to buy say a piece of music but you haven’t actually brought it yet well if you subscribe to our subscription base service we well let you have access to any music for free if you buy our subscription. This would properly make customers download less because of them able to access content anytime if they have a subscription.

What laws might help or hinder?

I actually think that the current copyright law is actually good enough as you can copy stuff to a certain extincted but if you distribute it and make money off it you should then be arrested for copyright so basically the current law I think is alright now but I think they should add if you do download the software or content and then try to make money off it then the owner or business should then have the right to take them to court for copyright.

Two examples of fair dealing

Review fair dealing

One of my examples of fair dealing is with video games specifically people uploading or broadcasting games on to sites like YouTube or Twitch. The reason I choose this one is because when I watch videos on these sites it always occurs to me if this actually copyright but now I learnt that it isn’t as they have the right under the fair dealing act to upload videos of them playing the games with the condition the acknowledge the owner or the maker of the game in their description or in the actual video itself.

Research fair dealing

Another is when you are doing research for a topic you actually have the right to use that information in the actual research but the only thing is that you have to acknowledge the author of the information you are using by acknowledging them in your references and you are not allowed to edit any of the information.

What is real?

What do I think is “real”?

Real to me is anything I can see in front of me including in my dreams as the things in them are things that I have actually seen or is possible. It also to me in real life anything that I can touch and see in front of me again but in physical form but if it was from lets say I took a drug which cause hallucinations I would doubt somethings as some of the things we see aren’t actually really it something we picture in our mind.

Google Glass

Positive parts of Google Glass

Doesn’t cover the entire eyes meaning that the person using can still see whats in front of them which to me is a good thing because people would walk into each other if they were using it while walking in town.

It is portable and you can connect to your phone and Android tablets which means you can control your phone or tablet while walking and not worry again walking into other people and also have accidents for example getting hit by a car if you are walking past someone’s drive way.

Negative parts of Google Glass

The little screen which is near your eye which can easily break if you don’t handle the glasses properly meaning you lose something that was expensive to buy meaning there was no point of getting it.

You are only limited to Google devices like Android and chrome books if they are compatible which means those devices can only connect if they have the Google glass app which some phones can’t have as the app has to have Android version 4.0.3 or higher and also needs 9.3M of space for it to be installed.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAediAS9ADM accessed: 15/05/15

What’s different about Microsoft’s HoloLens?

The difference is that HoloLens enables you to still interact with the things around and also uses them as buttons or window surfaces for applications like skype, videos and other helpful interactions. People can also help you by giving instructions of how to do something and also lets show what goes where which well be helpful for people if they need to do something if they don’t know how to do it.

It also lets you actually see designs you are making which is helpful if you are a designer making a product like a motorcycle which wants to see the overall design what the motorcycle is going to be like.

https://youtu.be/aAKfdeOX3-o    accessed: 15/05/15

http://www.vox.com/2015/1/26/7915201/microsoft-hololens-big-deal  accessed:15/05/15

Will the oculus rift have a life outside of games?

My personal opinion I think it will not have a life outside games as the oculus rift has been designed for games to seem real to the player of the game which from the research I have done it has shown me that the oculus rift has it flaws when it comes to just gaming right now which one of them is the pretty obvious part the oculus rift covers your whole eyes meaning you can’t see what you are touching which well be hard when playing the games let alone using it outside of gaming.

But we also don’t know that the oculus rift might actually prove us wrong about this as they might in the future step outside of gaming and prove to us that it could actually be used with the same technology but just different design so you can actually see what you are using.

But people are experimenting ways to use oculus rift outside gaming and finding ways to use it outside gaming but they won’t be like hololens and Google glass having interactions with the outside environment because of again the oculus rift covers the entire of your eyes when using them. The other ways people are using them is for education and simulations but from what I think not a lot of schools will get these if they don’t have a big budget but I can see universities get them to help their students to use the skills they are learning in real life situations giving them the real life experience they will have.

http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-amazing-non-gaming-ways-people-using-oculus-rift/ accessed:15/05/25

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oculus_Rift accessed:14/05/15

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The one i like

Microsoft Hololens

https://youtu.be/aAKfdeOX3-o accessed 15/05/15

The one I have chosen that I like is the Microsoft Hololens which is glasses which lets you interact with you surrounds and lets you interact with them as they are part of a computer which it is basically. The reason I chose this one is because it basically runs like a normal PC but the desktop is anything in the surroundings and lets you take control of how you use the computer. It also to me helpful with designers as they can create designs on their desktop and can see a clear image of a 3D model of it in action.